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Our Fitting Tiles are a simple format for assisting customers in identifying fittings and adapters. The color guide is on the rear decal of the Easy Pack case. The design allows new customers and green employees to identify the adapter family quickly. In addition, a Q.R. code is available to read tutorials, watch thread videos and gain more knowledge.

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At HoseBox, every hydraulic fitting and kit is meticulously engineered to meet and surpass SAE standards. Our products embody our relentless commitment to quality, delivering an experience that sets us apart in the hydraulic solutions industry.

Hydraulic Knowledge Hub

Face Seal Fittings: From Basics to Best Practices

In the intricate world of hydraulic systems, the efficiency and reliability of connections are paramount. Among the myriad of fitting options, Face Seal fittings stand out as a beacon of reliability, especially in high-pressure...

ORB Fittings Explained: From Selection to Setup

In the realm of fittings, not everything is as straightforward as it seems. Among the myriad of options available in the market, ORB (O-Ring Boss) fittings have distinguished themselves as both practical and versatile. So, whether you’re a...

BSPP Fittings: Uses, Types, and Installation

Have you ever heard of BSPP fittings? If not, you’re in for a treat. These small components have a big story, tracing back to British engineering brilliance. But why should someone in the U.S. care about a British standard? Because when it...

NPT Fittings: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re working with hydraulic systems, you’re dealing with NPT fittings. These small but mighty parts play a critical role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. From the engines of farm equipment to the power steering in...

Hydraulic Caps and Plugs Kit: Essential Allies for Your Hydraulic...

Welcome to the world of efficient and powerful hydraulic systems! Meet HoseBox’s hydraulic caps and plugs kit, your go-to solution for keeping your hydraulic machinery in tip-top shape. These kits are not just tools; they’re your...

Boost Your Inventory with HoseBox Hydraulic Fitting Towers

Welcome to HoseBox, a pioneer in the realm of hydraulic solutions. As the leading supplier of state-of-the-art hydraulic fitting kits, we provide products that are an amalgamation of quality, efficiency, and steadfast reliability. But our offerings...

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