Never use teflon tape! A pipe port is a tapered thread and it is very easy to crack a casting if teflon tape is used. Use of liquid pipe sealant is the only approved installation method. Torque values are as follows: 1/2" NPTF - 32 to 40 ft. lbs.; 3/4" NPTF - 40 to 48 ft. lbs.
The hoses that we use in our kits have a operating pressure rating of 4,000 psi.
It is important to keep your oil temperatures operating around 180° F or less. If oil temperatures start to exceed 200° it will start to break down seals and o-rings that are essential in keeping your system running and operating smoothly.
If your fluid is light brown or transparent that means it is normal. If your fluid is red then it is ATF in good condition. If your fluid is milky that would indicate that you have water in your system.
Hose Box Questions
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You can find all the how to and thread family characteristics on our learning page, which will help you identify what the correct Hose Box kit is right for you.
We make it simple to refill your individual adapter by going to our refill center or quickly scanning the QR code on the inside label of the adapter case.
Hose box was created with simplicity in mind. Check out our hydraulics resources in the Learning page and our Tutorial pdf to make hydraulics simple for anyone.
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