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Tips, Tricks, & How-to's

Emergency Hydraulic Kits – A ...

Introduction When your hydraulic machinery breaks down, time is of the essence. To swiftly handle any emergency and get your operations back on track, you need a robust solution: the Emergency Hydraulic Kit. These kits contain an assortment of...

How to pick the right kit

Determine the most common fitting type on your application. Then, choose the kit that correlates with your fitting type for optimal use. For example, if you’re working with mostly JIC fittings, you would want our JIC Fittings Kit or the...

How to identify your fitting

Measure the inside diameter of the threads with one of our handy Hose Box Product Identification Guide thread gauges. Measure the outside of the threads using a Hose Box™ Thread Gage. Determine if the fitting is a tapered...

How do I Determine what Hydraulic H...

Sizing is the most basic and essential factor in hydraulic hose selection. Sizing specifications for hydraulic hose include inner diameter, outer diameter, and length.Outer diameter (O.D.) measures the entire span of the hose cross-section,...

Refill Center

Need refills for your Hose Box Hydraulic Emergency Repair Kit? How about adding some optional fittings from another thread family to personalize your Hose Box Hydraulic Repair Kit? No problem! The Hose Box family of hydraulic repair solutions is flexible, fittings are easily orderable off our website. Combine our easy to understand Product Identification guide and online hydraulic educational materials with our easy to navigate website and we’re sure you’ll agree, Hose Box is your One Stop hydraulic shopping destination.

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