Hose Box 31 Piece Hydraulic System Diagnostic Kit

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Hose Box 31 piece Hydraulic System Diagnostic Kit

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This kit contains 31 items. Below is a breakdown of the containers:

HBMBH,4FP-4FP,072A            (QTY: 1)


HBNNV-SAE 6            (QTY: 1)

HBNNV-SAE 8            (QTY: 1)

HBFF6507-06-06            (QTY: 1)

HBFF6507-08-08            (QTY: 1)

HB6402-06-06            (QTY: 1)

HB6402-08-08            (QTY: 1)

HBTPP-04            (QTY: 1)

HBTPO-04            (QTY: 1)

HBTPO-06            (QTY: 1)

HB6400-06-06            (QTY: 1)

HB6400-08-08            (QTY: 1)

HBFF6400-06-06            (QTY: 1)

HBFF6400-08-08            (QTY: 1)

HBPD242            (QTY: 2)

HBPD343            (QTY: 2)

HBPD361            (QTY: 1)

HBGCP-04            (QTY: 1)


HBGP6504-12-12-04            (QTY: 1)

HBGP6504-04-04-04            (QTY: 1)

HBGP6504-06-06-04            (QTY: 1)

HBGP6504-08-08-04            (QTY: 1)

HB6402-06-06            (QTY: 1)

HB6402-08-08            (QTY: 1)

HBFS6564-04-04-04            (QTY: 1)

HBFS6564-06-06-04            (QTY: 1)

HBFS6564-08-08-04            (QTY: 1)

HBFS6564-12-12-04            (QTY: 1)

HBCF1P-350A            (QTY: 1)

HB5404-04-04            (QTY: 2)

HB6405-04-04O            (QTY: 1)


Key Features

Hose Box's 31-piece Hydraulic System Diagnostic Kit contains a variety of high-quality, precision-manufactured steel test fittings and adapters. Our portable kit provides the end user the tools to effectively and efficiently diagnose hydraulic system issues and pinpoint the needed repair saving you downtime and lost productivity. Stop guessing why your hydraulic system is malfunctioning and accurately diagnose and repair the problem with the aid of a Hose Box Hydraulic System Diagnostic Kit.

1) Contents meet or exceed SAE standards for hydraulic fittings
2) Quality steel construction specially plated to ensure long service life. 
3) Kit features a variety of adapters in NPT (Pipe Thread), JIC (37° flare), ORB (O Ring Boss), and ORFS (O Ring Face Seal) with sizes ranging from -4 (1/4") to -12 (3/4")
4) Other components available for individual order.

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